Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is trending all over social media and it seems like people are loving it. If you haven’t tried this coffee, what are you even doing? I’m kidding. This is just a fancy coffee. I’d rather call it fluffy creamy coffee. Are you a coffee person? Yes? Oh Boy, you will love it. So basically all you do is take equal quantity of Instant Coffee, Sugar and warm Water then you whip whip whip until you get a fluffy creamy mixture. I take a little more sugar because I like my coffee to be sweet. It completely depends on you.

It looks messy but was really good.

1. 2 tbsp Instant Coffee.
2. 2 tbsp Sugar or more according to you.
3. 2 tbsp Warm Water.
4. Milk (cold) or you can add ice cubes in the milk.

1. Take Coffee, Sugar and Water in a bowl. Start whipping and in some time, you will get a beautiful creamy fluffy mixture.
2. Take your favourite glass or anything you want and pour ice and then milk.
3. After milk, add the fluffy mixture on top.
4. Your Dalgona Coffee is readyyyyy.

Dalgona Coffee

It is simple and very delicious. Try the trend and let me know if you like it.
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