I hope you are doing well. I’m enjoying the beautiful weather right now and I also finished reading a beautiful book, “IKIGAI” by co-authors Hector Gracia and Francesc Miralles. I’m totally loving the content of the book. Books can teach us a lot about life and I want to share with you guys what I have learned from the book.


So, what is IKIGAI?
It is a Japanese concept which means the happiness of always being busy. The things you live for, the reason we get up every morning. Ikigai is inside all of us, we just have to find it and pursue it.

Some of the lessons from the book:

  • The key to longevity is a healthy diet, regular exercise and finding a purpose in life.
  • The 80% rule: Fill your belly upto 80% only. Don’t fill your stomach completely.
  • Having a youthful mind also drives you towards a healthy lifestyle and that will slow down your ageing process.
  • Stress is your biggest enemy. Learn to relax.
  • The present is all that exists and is the only thing we can control.
  • Humour can break negative cycles and reduce anxiety.
  • Accept your feelings, don’t get rid of them or control them just go with the flow.
  • Add a little something extra, something that takes you out of your comfort zone.
  • Never stop learning. Always be curious.
  • Nurture your friendships every day.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Never give up. Fall seven times, rise eight.
  • Appreciate things just as they are in the moment.
  • This moment exists only now and won’t come again.
  • Wabi-sabi: It teaches us to appreciate the beauty of imperfection as an opportunity for growth.
  • Get rid of things that make you fragile.
  • Reconnect with nature.
  • Show Gratitude.

So, these were some points from the book which I find extremely important. Please read the book. It has great examples and in brief, you will learn all about IKIGAI.
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signing off.

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