Perfectly Imperfect!

What does Perfectly Imperfect mean to you? For me, it means I’m Imperfect with all my flaws and that’s absolutely perfect. This is me being Perfectly Imperfect. Don’t strive for perfection. You are who you are. Being Imperfect is not something you have to change or worry about. Be yourself. You are a beautiful, strong person who has flaws and you are slowly accepting it. If you want to make a positive change then go ahead do it. The end goal is HAPPINESS. But if you are constantly criticizing yourself for not being perfect then that is very very wrong. I’m not saying that I have never criticized myself before. I, of course, have done it in the past. Slowly I have learnt to accept myself and I feel so much better now. Not only better but I have also gained the confidence that was missing in me. I want you to accept the same and enjoy every moment of your life. You are not alone in this. We all are in this together.
There is a small exercise you can practice every day if flaws are a concern for you. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat this affirmation 5 times in the morning: “I ACCEPT ALL MY FLAWS AND I LOVE MYSELF”. You will instantly feel so good. Try it and then start your day with a smile.
I always hear the news of people taking a drastic step because they don’t like who they are. This makes me so sick. You are given this beautiful life to live. Your close ones love you for who you are. Guys, I’m not a consultant but by sharing these topics with you guys, even I get to learn so much about myself and I get the opportunity to improve myself too. Always remember “No one in this world is perfect”. Perfection is a myth. Here you go, I said it. Please accept who you are and move on.

I hope this post helped you a little. Stay sane. Be you.
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